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Pittsburgh Threshold Choir honored with "Heart of Hospice" award

13 May. 2018 Posted by Cindy Harris

Members of the Pittsburgh Threshold Choir who sang for patients at the Lawrenceville inpatient unit on May 8 were surprised to find volunteer coordinator Nick Petti waiting for them with a bouquet and a proclamation. Nick was there to present Cindy Harris with the annual "Heart of Hospice" award given by Family Hospice to a volunteer who exemplifies the essence of the care Family Hospice intends to provide to their patients.

The award reads "The definition of a conductor is a leader of a musical ensemble. This Heart of Hospice Awardee goes above and beyond this role for Family Hospice and Palliative Care. At any given time, she is coordinating an army of singers, who visit a multitude of places, and sing numerous songs. Seh is not concerned about you rmusical abilities, but she is watching for your love of music and hospice. She is always looking for ways to offer music and song to our patients and their caregivers. She has a big heart and is always giving of her many talents.

"Family Hospice and Palliative Care could not do without her. It is with great pride that we honor Cindy Harris with the Heat of Hospice award."

Although the award was given to Cindy, she notes that it would not have happened without that army of singers singing numberous songs at a multitude of places. After all, a director waving her arms in front of an empty room is not much of a director. It's the dedication of the singers who show up week after week and share the skills they've learned that is the gift given to both themselves and the patients to whom they sing.